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Advantages – Why G.A.T.E.D?

Features Benefits
Loving environment Kids are hugged and encouraged. Children have a sense of belonging
Open early close late – no extra fees Parents can run errands after work, cook and then pick up their children.
Closed only for major holidays Parents do not have to look for additional care on holidays
Degreed staff- the best quality education We continually develop teacher expertise through observation, research, and professional development opportunities
Provide meals – organic snacks and drinks Students learn healthy lifestyles from an early age
Provide supplies No extra expenses
After school program Older siblings have a place to come and once alumni leave and go to elementary school, they have a familiar place to come back to,
Tutoring by state-certified teachers and subject matter industry professionals- G.A.T.E.D is a community resource
Drop-in care/ emergency care G.A.T.E.D is available to the community, always a place for children
Technology in classrooms Children are exposed to technology – keeps children moving with the times
Arts Program/ activities during the day Children get to be exposed to many Art forms as part of their day-* taps into the talents and various learning styles of our students.* convenience for parents who do not have time after work but would want involvement in extracurricular activities
Class trips Students able to explore the city in which they live
Playground trips daily Students are not kept inside all day- they get fresh air and outdoor play
Staff Staff will provide lessons on Heath and safety – children’s growth monitored
Clean environment Toys, books, crayons, etc are sanitized