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Parent Handbook


To protect each family’s confidentiality, G.A.T.E.D Academy will not share any information about a child or a child’s family with anyone who is not authorized to receive this information


Parents must walk their children into school. Children must be signed in the logbook upon arrival and signed out at pickup. If there are any specific instructions for that day (for example, medication to be taken, another person picking up the child, or other extenuating circumstances), we need to be made aware of the same through written instruction.

Please check your child’s book bags or reception desk for notices. No child will be released to anyone but those listed on the enrollment form authorized to pick up the child. Please make sure that any one picking up your child at any time is listed on the form or you have phoned to notify. Unfamiliar persons will be asked for picture identification. In cases of unforeseen circumstances where no ID is available, you will be required to supply the authorized person with a password for pickup. Passwords are known only between parent, school and authorized pickup. The same password should never be used more than once

Staff-persons are required to do a health check every morning when a child arrives. If any bruises or scraps observed at this time, the parent will be asked how and when it occurred; these will be logged into the medical log and child’s folder.


Communication And Conferences:

The parent bulletin boards contain items pertaining to fundraisers, conferences, parent involvement, and many other items we feel may be of interest to you. The hallway has a general information board. If at any time you feel the need to speak with your child’s teacher or director, you may call to set up an appointment.

Please Check your Email and Child’s Cubby Daily for notices, book in a bag, artwork and any other communications being sent out.



Breakfast, Lunch and Snack are served daily. If your child cannot eat the planned meals due to a special diet, allergies or other such circumstances, please speak with our Director directly so we can work together to make appropriate accommodations.



Toilet training will begin when appropriate for each child based on their age and stage of development. Parents will be consulted on the methods used at home. Daily feedback will be provided on each child’s progress at the program. Children will be offered frequent opportunities for toileting, particularly after meals and before/after nap time. Please be patient and understand it is a learning process, There will be a lot of accidents and soiled clothing.


  • Children are not to be brought to the center if temperature is 101 degrees F or higher, if vomiting or diarrhea has occurred more than one time in the past 24 hours, if there is a thick, constant, colored nasal discharge, or if a contagious disease such as (but not limited to) chicken pox, strep throat, or pink eye is present. If a child should become ill or seriously injured parents will be notified. If a child is not well enough to participate in the daily activities, they should be kept home.
  • Sick children will be isolated in the office with the Director/nurse until an authorized person comes to pick the child up. The child will be made comfortable until the arrival of parents. The child must be picked up from the center within 1 hour. If you cannot pick up your child within 1 hour, the emergency contact person listed on the enrollment form will be called. If a child is sent home they must remain symptom free for 24 hours before returning to the center, unless a physician signs a form for earlier return.
  •  If there is a need for emergency medical treatment, children will be taken to Kings County Hospital. Should an ambulance be needed, parents will be responsible for any costs.
  • Superficial injuries will be washed with soap and water and covered with a bandage or treated with ice. Parents will be told about the minor injury when they pick up the child.
  • Serious injuries will be reported to parents immediately. (Head injuries are considered to be serious)
  •  Children may return to the center when they are symptom free, have been appropriately treated or have been given medical approval to return to school.



  • If an emergency situation occurs after the children have arrived (loss of electric, water, heat), the parents will be contacted immediately so that alternative childcare arrangements can be made.
  • If at all possible the center will be open on snow days. Please contact the director or teachers if weather is questionable. Parents are asked to use good judgment in transporting children in severe weather.
  • Email, Text, Kidreport notifications will be used to notify  parents in the event of closures.


  • Parents must adhere to the school hours. A late notice statement will be completed and added to the next billing statement. The clock in the front office is our time clock. Late fees are stated on Parent Contract.


G.A.T.E.D Academy encourages visits and observations by parents anytime during the hours of operation without notice, unless a court denies access. Parent involvement is encouraged in the curriculum planning, policies, and fund raising events. We provide a setting in which common concerns can be discussed, parenting strengthened, and a social interaction among parents and staff can be developed in the spirit of cooperation. Daily, open communication between staff and parents is strongly encouraged. We are a cooperative effort between home and school, making this communication essential. Parent conferences are held two times per year. Parents or staff can call a special meeting, at any time; to discuss any child related concerns.

**Parents are required to participate in at least 2 activities per school year. **