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Our classrooms are centered on the children, giving them quality care, building relationships and developing your child academically.

Being a toddler is such an exciting and exploratory time for both child and family. Designed with your child’s natural curiosity in mind, our curriculum fuses academics with Play and the Arts.

Our toddler program (Ages 2- 3) consists of:

  • Language Program
  • Pre-Literacy Skills- includes…Letter and letter-sound recognition, name identification and tracing, phonemic awareness.
  • Arts and Craft Activities
  • Whole-Class and Small Group Activities
  • Daily Art Program – Music, Dance, Yoga
  • Math, Science, Social Studies
  • Indoor and Outdoor Physical Activities
  • Sensory Play
  • Fine and Gross motor skill development

Daily observation reports providing individual information.

Universal Prek is funded by the Department of Education under the Pre-k for all initiative. All applications are sent directly to the Department of Education during open enrollment.